How to Apply

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How to Apply:

  1. Apply to FSU (and get accepted as a first-time college student).
  2. Submit your Fall-Spring housing contract and prepayment at the MyHousing portal.
  3. Complete the Bryan Hall application (ONE TIME in ONE DOCUMENT) on-line. You'll need to answer a few essay questions on the application, so it is best to have them written prior to applying and cut and paste them in.


Please respond to the following essay prompts and limit your entire response to 600 words or less.

  1. If you have chosen a major, what led you to this choice? If you have not yet chosen a major, which majors appeal to you and why?
  2. What was your favorite high school class and why? What was your least favorite high school class and why?

      *Please provide an email address and a phone number where we can best reach you at the end of your essay.


Watch your e-mail for updates but log into the system to check your status Wednesdays through Saturdays on and after the notification date. If you are selected as an alternate, we may need to contact you very quickly by email or phone when a space becomes available. If you are invited by email or phone, you must accept promptly or forfeit your invitation. Watch for limited access dates during LLC student selection as well as system updates.

All new Bryan residents are required to attend a one-hour Bryan Hall orientation session on the Thursday evening, Friday morning, OR Saturday afternoon before classes begin in August. This requirement takes precedence over other activities, including Greek Life.

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