About the Exploration and Discovery LLC


Exploration and Discovery Learning Community:


  • Provides entering students with an introduction to a major research university through a small community context, thereby easing the transition from high school to college.
  • Gives students opportunities to interact with faculty and administrators on a more personal level.
  • Houses students in an on-campus facility with easy access to classes, libraries, dining, health services, extra-curricular learning, and artistic and social functions, while under the protection of FSU Campus Security.
  • Invites colloquium speakers who introduce students to opportunities at FSU, such as undergraduate research, study abroad, national fellowships, and more.
  • Makes available optional mentorships with FSU faculty/staff that allow students to explore the diversity of expertise available at FSU and sample prospective career options.
  • Engages the students in a program of organized exploration of interests, academic majors and possible career paths specific to their abilities.
  • Creates a setting which increases retention rates, four-year graduation rates, and GPAs as compared to students not involved in a learning community.

Fall 2023 Weekly Newsletters

Throughout the year, various additional programs are offered to get Exploration and Discovery learning students involved. These programs have included going bowling, to Paint-a-Pot, to the FSU Lakefront Park, and to the circus.

What people are saying about Exploration and Discovery Learning Community:

"Living and attending class at Exploration and Discovery Learning Community was possibly the best way to adjust to college life successfully. It was easier to meet new people and form relationships with the professors in the intimately sized classes, and the walk to the upstairs classrooms wasn't such a bad deal either."

Nick Santa Croce, former resident


"I feel the Exploration and Discovery Learning Community to be a worthwhile and educational experience. My desire to learn has only been empowered by the valuable social and educational tools I have received. The distinguished faculty that I have come in contact with due to this program will only serve as a springboard into my academic career."

Steve Halsell, former resident


"The "Movies and Beyond" mentorship with Student Life Cinema Director Bob Howard was an astounding experience. We explored the world of film with the help of walk-ins from the film community, weekly meetings, and Sunday movie watching. Best of all, I am now part of the SLC "employee" family. I highly recommend these mentorships!"

Alexandra Dugarte, former resident


"It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to teach in the Exploration and Discovery Learning Community again. I value my memories of the excellent group of students the program attracts and am honored that you considered me for the position."

Jennifer L. Moffitt, the 2007 recipient of the FSU English Department's Bryan Hall Teaching Award and, more recently, instructor for our "Women in Literature" course, Spring 2010


"I actually lived in Bryan Hall for the 1997/98 school year (the first year of the program). I'll never forget the Archeology class I took there with Dr. Nancy DeGrummond or the semester I spent with Ken Goldsby as my mentor. I learned so much about this university in such a short time and truly believe the experience unlocked a curiosity within me that lead me to become a University Ambassador a year later. I wouldn't trade either experience for the world."

Lisa McGrady, former resident and currently part of the Admissions Office/Visitor Services
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